Lancashire Geology

Information from Hyndburn U3A meetings.

Below, past presentations etc:-

 1. To access the Basic Geology Slide Show click here

    2. To access Geological Features and Mapping Slide Show

        click here

4. To access the Tour of Crummackdale Slide Show

click here.

     5. An example of the geological column, click here.

6.  Notes on the Harwood Edge quarries i.e. StarDelph

    click here

3. To access the Introduction to Quaternary Studies show

    click here

7. To view the Wiswell Moor Slide Show click here

8. To view the Alpine Orogeny presentation click here

9. To view the Little Cumbrae Expedition slide show click here

10. To download the (out of copyright) geology map of Great Harwood click here

11. To download the PermoTriassic of East Lancashire click here